Twiggy: Style icon |

Twiggy: Style icon

Twiggy: Style icon

The great news is that from now on we’ll be seeing much more of her in salons up and down in UK.

Global fashion icon Twiggy is to lend her incomparable image to appear as a style inspiration in L’Oréal Professionnel salons throughout the UK as a brand image ambassador. And Twiggy being Twiggy, the people at LP are certain to be no less than delighted.

Staggeringly on-trend for no fewer than five decades, her trendsetting prowess has the ability to transcend any obstacle that the generation gap may attempt to throw at it; consequently her look has evolved into an aspiration, as well as an inspiration. Ever since she had her locks lightened and cut short at Leonard’s Mayfair salon in early 1966, Twiggy’s hair has been a fundamental feature of her total image.

From those early sixties crops, through to seventies perms, the big hair era of the eighties and the softer more sophisticated looks of contemporary hairstyling, she has never been afraid to experiment in different hairstyles in order to co-ordinate and create the total image that looks and feels good for her. Her undisputed status as a total fashion icon is derived from the fact that she always gets it so perfectly right!

On her creative partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel, Twiggy commented: “I am absolutely delighted and proud to become an LP brand ambassador: I truly believe in the skill of the professional hairdresser. My hair has always been important to me and has been a big part of my image and I hope to inspire women to be confident in their personal style and never be afraid of trying something new.”

Since she first appeared in front of the camera in 1965, Twiggy’s hair has been totally on-trend!

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Posted on 27.12.2015

Twiggy: Style icon

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Twiggy: Style icon

The great news is that from now on we’ll be seeing much more of her in salons up and down in UK.


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