The L'Oréal. 2014 on the upswing |

The L’Oréal. 2014 on the upswing


A decidedly positive year for the L'Oréal group, which closed 2014 with excellent results in all their divisions and in all geographic areas.

An enviable result was attained by the L'Oréal Group in 2014, and can be summarised in a few figures:

• a net profit of 4.91 billion euro;
• operating earnings of 3.89 billion, equal to 17.3% of sales;
• a turnover of 22.53 billion euro.

Jean-Paul Agon, President and CEO L’Oréal, commented: “The L'Oréal Group reached its highest growth in the fourth quarter, distributed across all the divisions and all the international geographic areas. L'Oréal Luxe and Active Cosmetics reported excellent results and exceeded all expectations in their market segments. The Professional Products division continues to improve, while Consumer Products, which covers a more stagnant market, saw a temporary drop, above all in the USA”.

“The year 2014,” continues Jean-Paul Agon, “was a year of changes, especially thanks to the acceleration afforded by or digital transformation and strategic acquisitions, like Magic, NYX, Decléor, Carita and Niely***, which complete our portfolio in key categories and in certain geografic areas.”

“In spite of difficult conditions, operating margins increased further in 2014, demonstrating the strength of our business model. Moreover, following the sale of Galderma as a strategic step of the transaction with Nestlé, profits rose considerably.” “We are looking towards the future with confidence, concentrating on our Beauty for All mission and on our universalization strategy to acquire one billion new consumers. We are certain that 2015 will be anther year of increases in sales and profits.”

In terms of individual divisions, once again the luxury products division recorded the best performance with a growth of 5.7%, compared to +2% of the professional products division adn -1% of the consumer division. “In spite of an economic situation that is still unstable and unpredictable, we think that the growth of the global cosmetics market should be more or less the same as in 2014, about 3.5% or even a bit better, if there the Unites States picks up ad there is a comeback in western Europe,” explained Agon.

Furthermore, the strong dollar could “boost both sales and profits”. Indeed, about 25% of the profits of the French colossal come from North America, and almost 40% of the global turnover is made in dollars or currencies linked to the dollar.

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Posted on 19.02.2015

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The L’Oréal. 2014 on the upswing

A decidedly positive year for the L'Oréal group, which closed 2014 with excellent results in all their divisions and in all geographic areas.


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