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Love2braid, a life dedicated to braids

Love2braid Ramona Krieger

Love2braid, a life dedicated to braids Shoots, bridal coiffure, and training courses, but also the Pop-Up Braid Bar services: the brand founded by Ramona Krieger makes braids their core business. Here’s what she had to tell us.

Let your hair do the talking. This is the motto of Love2braid, the brand founded in 2015 by the Dutch hairdresser Ramona Krieger. Everything circles around the world of braids and there are more than 10 thousand followers who follow her looks on Instagram.

Not only fashion shoots, training courses for professionals who want to learn all the secrets of braid-styling and hairdressing services for brides, but also special formulas, like the Pop Up Braid Bar, which is proposed for salons that – as a one-off – want to offer their loyal clients a specialized service. Here is what Ramona had to say during our interview.

How did you approach the world of coiffure?

I would love to see ‘more fashion in hair’ so my mission started and I moved my way into the world of coiffure to introduce our ‘Love2Braid Fashion Braids’. When I was nominated for the Hair Influencer Award 2016 during Hair Fashion Night by L’Oréal I realized I was on the right path and I just kept on going. I do my best to inspire and educate to keep the interest in the Hair & Fashion Industry alive.

Love2Braid is specialized in hairstyles based on braids: where was this passion born?

My mother is to blame for having instilled in me a ‘love for braids’. I started at an early age and found my creativity in hairstyling quickly. First I did my own hair, then my 2 daughters’ hair and so on. I challenged myself to be an inspiration and keep my styling interesting. My hobby became my business and I’m truly blessed by the gift I was born with.

Braids continue growing as a trend: why do you think braids are so popular?

Braids caught the attention of hairstylists all over the world because of the large number of different variations. Braids can be combined and blended with different techniques, textures and styles. A whole new phenomenon that affected hairstyling in a positive way. It becomes an addiction, if you like what you see you want more ‘braidstyling’

Men and braids: what are the most wanted men’s hairstyles?

The man bun trend brought new life to the 20th century of men’s hairstyle. Man braids have always been around, but lately they have been in the spotlight and so get more attention! The hair and beauty industry has been focusing on men’s hair and offer great products. So more men are aware of styling and grooming their hair – and this is very positive. Nowadays these fashionable men search for variations in hair and if you are a ‘dare to wear’ kind a guy, these man-braids develop great styles.

The braids are also perfect for brides: why?

When we talk about Bridal Braids, these styles show romance. Braids are a beautiful ‘base’ for hair jewelry and flowers, which are popular on brides. Braids add some extra details to the whole look. A big advantage is that braids stay put all day and as a bride you need not worry that after one dance your hair will fall a part.

The inspiration of your latest bride collection…

Our latest bride collection is called ‘Boho Bride’ and is inspired by these thoughts of summer, love, free spirit and true bohemian hairstyles. To complete the look we searched for the best model Ibizabohogirl. Our next collection is called ‘Big Hair Bridal’ collection, where we want to highlight over the top hair and make the ordinary extraordinary, to be published at the end of August 2017.

And what about education? Which courses you organize and how do they work?

Education is the key and I offer basic and advanced classes. For everybody who wants to braid I organise group or private classes. The private classes are popular with the pro’s, like hairdressers, hairstylists and make-up artists. We fine tune the braids, learn different types of braids, style with braids. It is very important is to gain awareness about the various techniques. When the 3 basic braids have been assimilated perfectly, you are ready to grow and learn more about braidstyling.

What’s the POP-UP Braid Bar?

It is a service (braidstyling) I offer salons. We set up a date and time with me to arrive there every once in a while so they can give their clients this braidstyling service. Hair by Giulio: This host salon ‘Hair by Giulio’ was our first venue, and now I host there every 6 weeks.His clients can make an appointment between 1- 6 PM and enjoy the ‘Friday Braid treatment’. They get styled for the weekend or maybe just for Friday night. The Friday Braid Treatment package includes washing (drying) their hair and then me styling with braids afterwards.

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Posted on 20.08.2017


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Love2braid, a life dedicated to braids

Shoots, bridal coiffure, and training courses, but also the Pop-Up Braid Bar services: the brand founded by Ramona Krieger makes braids their core business. Here’s what she had to tell us.


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