Art Direction: Kevin Kahan | Hair: Debbie Lowes and Michelle Worvill, The Hair Gallery, Mel Ferlisi and Hannah McGrath, 77 The Hill Hairdressing & Joel Grant and Rhea Biggs, Jerry Bell Hairdressing for Schwarzkopf Professional | Photos: Jack Eames | Make-up: Maddie Austin | Styling: Clare Frith


This collection is inspired by the minimal, pared back aesthetic so beloved of Japan and its people; clean lines, soft light and elegant shapes. The collection is all about simple yet beautiful looks showcasing the beauty of healthy, shiny hair.

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Moon Goddess

Inspired by Luna – Moon Goddess – when earth casts its shadow over the moon, infused with an assortment of galactic colours running through our atmosphere.

Daga by Amparo Fernandez

Behind Daga Collection we find a refined haircutting technique, with meticulous work on the silhouette’s figure and voluminous shapes that culminate through supreme coloration. This emphasizes the make-up and the very important statement lip, that they defined as metal lip.


Brighton’s creativity takes centre stage in a celebration of individuality. Graphic lines, must-have texture and an ‘anything goes’ attitude. The latest collection from Simon Webster Hair pays homage to its unique client base.

Graphic Ice By Yannick Kraemer

Ice is purity. Structured short bobs and rebellious tresses sit side-by-side with silky waves for him. Nothing hides the beauty of the gesture: graphic, geometric, with a force of motion that releases a deep sensuality.

En Vogue

Contemporary, bold, à la mode hairstyles capturing a fashionable feeling that seems so relevant in today's beauty trends. This alluring collection is uber voguish with an editorial twist.