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Takara Belmont suffers loss of Mr. Kunifusa Yoshikawa

It is with deep sadness and regret that Estetica has to inform its industry partners and readers of the passing of Kunifusa Yoshikawa, a brother to Hidetaka Yoshikawa and Vice-Chairman of Belmont Communications.

Spa Style Luxury from Takara Belmont

Yume Spa is Takara Belmont’s original shampoo treatment which gives clients the ultimate in luxury and comfort, bringing spa-style luxury that enables even high-end salons to upgrade their service offering. Yume Spa is best delivered via the Yume Series Wash Unit and the Spa Mist II processor.

Takara Belmont Unveils New Showroom in Japan

Takara Belmont proudly unveils its brand new showroom, TB Square, in Osaka, Japan. At the heart of a country renowned for its design innovation, the brand new showroom spans five floors, each dedicated to different areas of the hair and beauty industry.

OMC HairWorld. All the winners

Frankfurt was the venue of the World Hairdressing Championships: OMC HairWorld. A triumph of flags and techniques.