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Cyborg men

Science fiction has long been a reality: cyborgs exist and are recognised beings - half human, half machine - optimised beings! Powerful, technically upgraded bodies with microchips, sensors and implants to sharpen all senses and develop new ones.

Romeo & Juliet

Love, seduction and provocation. Flamboyant red meets bold short cuts in the latest hair collection by KpO.

The 2000s with Klaus Peter Ochs

Creative artist and trendsetter, the President of Intercoiffure Mondial will interpret the early years of the third millennium on the stage of Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof on 19th March 2017.

Estetica Master Parade: The collections of Klaus Peter Ochs

Creative genius, do-no-wrong, businessman, top-stylist, and President of Intercoiffure Mondial, Klaus Peter Ochs is a visionary and trendsetter. His hair fashion collections evoke versatility, curiosity, and research.

KPO: Milan, fashion, Estetica

On the Estetica Master Parade stage, Klaus Peter Ochs will interpret the blond mood. Here is what he told us about the city that will host the event and on Estetica’s history.

Blond for Klaus Peter Ochs

President of Intercoiffure Mondial, Klaus Peter Ochs, has chosen to interpret the theme of blond on stage for the Estetica Master Parade in Milan.

Arctica Ice Queens by Klaus Peter Ochs

This beautiful collection by Klaus Peter Ochs portrays the Ice Queens

ICD Mondial. Shows and master classes

From 6th to 7th September, Paris played host to the 2014 Intercoiffure Mondial event. Hairdressers from all corners of the world arrived to see the shows and take part in the master classes.