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Our web activity

Edizioni Esav launched its first professional web portal in 1996. With the arrival of the new millennium, investment in digital technology has significantly increased.

Today the web platform offers 16 professional websites (in Italy and worldwide), 1 consumer site (tuttocapelli.it), apps for iPad, tablet, iPhone and Android (Estetica Magazine, iHair Look Finder, Allure Magazine), blogs (beautybit.net, dedicated to the beauty & digital industry) and social media activity.

This intense decade of development led to the foundation in November 2013 of Beautybit srl, the digital company spin-off of Edizioni Esav run by a team of eight web specialists. Thanks to all-round professional skills, acquired through years of experience in the web & beauty fields, they deal with everything from website creation and management to SEO content supply, from app and mobile app management to social media marketing and e-mail marketing, amongst other things…

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