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Absolutely Woman

Forceful divas, modern and cosmopolitan, reliving the Fifties in an updated version.

Shining Red Carpet

Metropolitan mannequins, with hair tied up in sombre ponytails, or in an androgynous chignon that recalls the past.

Opposites attract

Opposites reign supreme. Above and below, long and short, order and chaos.

Primitive Beauty

Wild freedom, primordial sensuality, enchanting and tempting instinctive ness. A guileless charm, because it’s innocent. Maybe.

Pure energy

Power, movement, dynamism. In The Dynamic Issue, from La Biosthetique Paris, become synonymous with elegance and character.

Guest star

She is the starring actress. In The Italian Touch # 10 Scénographie collection from Kemon, the woman is the conscious star in all her own scenes in life.