Hair: Muse of London / Makeup: Victor Charles, Antonia Wood / Stylist: Kiera Liberati / Photo: Mauro Carraro /  Products: TIGI Professional

Iconic 80s by Muse of London

The shoot was very 80s inspired, featuring looks that were very iconic but with a color pop

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Christian Ríos’s collection pays tribute to the Mullet haircut.

A Year of colour by Hooker & Young

This whimsical collection is based on a 1970's school yearbook. Each image has its own individuality; just like the students in a yearbook.


A collection formed from the collaboration of different creative minds.


Salones Carlos Valiente's Faceta collection interprets a change of style inspired by a touch of androgyny.

Gatsby’s Disco

The inspiration for this outstandingly colourful collection came from a mash-up of different textures from the 1940s and 1970s.